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Specialty Programs

Our SCIMS continues to optimally leverage the rehabilitation medicine and clinical research capacities at RLANRC that have evolved from the fusion of a long legacy of clinical excellence and dedication to a patient and family centered approach to care delivered in a context sensitive to the importance of relationships. As the only rehabilitation hospital in Los Angeles County’s Department of Health Services (DHS), RLANRC serves a unique and vital role in patient recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration.


SCIMS Activities


Intensive physical restoration and rehabilitation begins when the SCI patient is transferred to RLANRC. The rehabilitation process is interdisciplinary, comprehensive, and patient-centered.


The SoCal-SCIMS has been contributing to the National SCI Database since 1980. RLANRC has a long tradition of serving individuals from underserved populations including those from racial and ethnic minorities. 

SCIMS Research


Our site-specific research will evaluate a program for community-based, non-pharmacologic pain management for those with chronic pain after SCI.


The SoCal-SCIMS is optimally poised to collaborate with other SCIMS. Our collaborative research module will identify factors that influence bowel-related quality of life to inform clinical practice in this critical area.

RLANRC maintains a comprehensive multidisciplinary system of care for individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) through an extensive network beginning with pre-hospital emergency care provided by Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services, followed by emergency and acute care services at Los Angeles County/University of Southern California (LAC-USC) and Harbor/University of California, Los Angeles (Harbor-UCLA) Medical Centers, and comprehensive rehabilitative care at RLANRC which includes inpatient rehabilitation, transitional discharge programs, out-patient services, and community based programs that continue throughout the person’s life.

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